Send stress away with Stress Away™!

Flowers always make people better, happier and more helpful;
they are sunshine, food and medicine to the soul.
~ Luther Burbank
We live busy lives these days. Jobs, kids, traffic, shopping…and it seems like we’re so often multi-tasking.
All of this can create stress – and then it becomes a downward cycle as the stressed feelings decrease our ability to cope with other things. Small difficulties can result in big reactions.
Return to a calmer, happier state by simply inhaling some delicious Stress Away™ essential oil blend. Mmmmm. When you inhale the yummy fragrance, redolent with luscious lime and delicious vanilla, stress fades away, leaving room for deep breathing, a positive attitude and new ideas for solutions.

Stress Away™ essentials

Copaiba – (kō-pĭˈbə) or (kō-pĭ-ee-bə) from the resin of the copaifera tree found in South America. Copaiba has been used by the indigenous peoples for centuries. It has a soft, honey- or woodsy-like scent, and is often used for calming, balancing and grounding.

Lime – this refreshing oil smells just like freshly sliced limes – energizing, uplifting and inspiring.

Cedarwood – has a warm, woodsy aroma that creates a comforting, uplifting experience.

Vanilla – just naturally makes us feel comforted and safe. A 2005 study showed that it relaxes the mind and improves the mood.

Ocotea – has a warm aroma that helps you to feel relaxed.

Lavender – known and used for centuries for its wonderful blend of fresh, floral, clean, and calming scents.

Inhale calm, exhale stress

You can use your Stress Away™ to not only calm yourself down, but those around you, too. When you apply Stress Away™ as a perfume (behind your ears, on your neck, elbows or wrists – or one of my favorites, in your hair), those around you will be inhaling the relaxing molecules also. You are a Human Diffuser! Once inhaled, the molecules go directly to the amygdala, a center of the brain that processes emotions such as anxiety, where they immediately  begin transforming stressful emotions into more harmonious ones.

.Those of you who invested in either the Basic or the Premium Starter kit already have a bottle of Stress Away™, as it comes with those kits. So, open your bottle of Stress Away™ and begin to share the serenity.

If you did not purchase a kit, click on one of the buttons below to order your bottle. May the calm be with you.