PanAway® – super soothing for sore muscles

Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.
~ Robert Gary Lee

Achy muscles are a fact of life. Whether you have a physically demanding job, are working out, gardening or chasing toddlers, your muscles can sometimes say, “Enough!”
Sore muscles keep us from being our best, and being there for those we love. An easy solution is at hand – Young Living’s PanAway® essential oil blend.
Made with a blend of wintergreen, helichrysum, clove and peppermint, it smells refreshing. And it refreshes us almost as soon as we apply it.

PanAway® essentials

Wintergreen – has a sweet, minty scent, and contains methyl salicylate, the key ingredient in many sports balms

Helichrysum – is known for its ability to soothe muscles that are achy after exercise or daily activities

Clove – has a spicy fragrance. Its principal ingredient is eugenol, which is used in the dental industry to numb the gums

Peppermint – has a strong, clean, minty aroma, is enjoyed by many for its cooling sensations on the skin, and has been studied for its many beneficial effects

Top notes: PanAway® uses

  • Feeling achy after working out? Apply topically after a strenuous workout for a refreshing cool down
  • Tired tootsies? Rub several drops on the bottoms of the feet for a  relaxing foot massage
  • Need a spa-like experience? Place 3-4 drops on a warm towel and hold over the shoulders or abdomen
  • Feeling tense? Rub a drop into the back of the neck and from the temples to the hairline to soothe tension discomfort
Get back to enjoying your life the way that you want to, with Young Living’s PanAway® essential oil blend.
Those of you who invested in the Premium Starter kit already have a bottle of PanAway®, as it comes with that kit. So, open your bottle and begin to live life more freely again.
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