Essential Oil Resources: Online

If you stay open, the plants will teach you.
One thing that people say to me when they begin to explore the magical world of essential oils, is that they sometimes feel overwhelmed. I understand! Not only can essential oils bring a dazzling array of wonderful benefits to us, but there also is a tremendous amount of information out there about them. That’s why my Resource pages focus on only a couple of resources at a time. Let’s keep it simple, take one step at a time, and before you know it, you will easily be reaching for the right oil for every occasion.

Young Living offers lots of resources on their website. Below is a screenshot of their Resources page. To access it, just go to your Virtual Office, log in, and click on Member Resources in the left-hand column.




Or, click on the ‘Quick Links’ screenshot below.


Oil Testimonials online site

We love stories, and our brains are wired to connect with each other through personal stories. Maybe that’s why much of what I know about essential oils came through reading testimonials.


A testimonial is a short story about how someone benefited from essential oils. The Oil-Testimonials site allows you to search by topic. Click on the Oil-Testimonials photo to check it out!