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Loving Insights on Frankincense

Beloved, you are asking about the precious oil of frankincense, as each plant that grows on earth has a specific purpose, and energy stamp, so too does the frankincense tree. Many blessings of life flow into the through the blessed frankincense tree. When you tap into the resin and oil from this tree, you are tapping into the blessings of the Almighty. For indeed, this tree is among the highest vibrations on the planet.

The golden essence of the frankincense oil is given to humanity to resolve incompleted tasks, to unravel complicated tendrils of karma and to smooth energetic whirls and vortices. For your medical journals may say that this oil is adept at many physical ailments, but truly what it is doing is unwinding tangled cords of energies left from long ago. It is an oil of completion, tidying up what is ready to be done with, but which the user simply did not know how to finish. Much as when you bring professional help into your home or office to organize, clear out what is no longer needed and refresh your space, so too does frankincense oil do this on the energetic level. That is why it has been known to be so effective across such a range of issues, for in truth, it is working specifically on the energetic level. Your intention helps to give it direction yet it always will go to what is needed the most. So when you feel at odds and ends, when you are overwhelmed or do not know what to do or how to start, call in your ally, frankincense.

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Susan L. Atchison

Loving Insights