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Lavender is the nectar of the highest realms. Its sweet fragrance wafts down to remind us that there is a realm in which all plants, all life, emanate a soft and lovely fragrance. We have but distant buried memories of this realm, and lavender is here to re-link us to those memories, to remind us that this is where we came from and this is where we will be returning to. Indeed, each and every night, we can re-visit this realm and renew and re-energize ourselves with its soft scents, resonant sounds and luminous visions.

When you inhale lavender, you are bringing the essence of sweetness of spirit into you. Sweetness of spirit is what allows you to let all else fall away. Lavender soothes us because it reminds us of the sweetness of life, and when the discordant vibrations of life fall away, we are left with peace. Sweet peace is the gift that this essential oil brings to us.

As the lavender gently nods its head in the field, so too can you move easily with the breezes that flow through your life. Feel the sun of the Eternal always shining on you, and allow the gentle rains to come and nourish you. Your life is as a song to the Eternal, allow your own sweet fragrance to emanate forth and bring joy to others around you. You are the lavender.

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Susan L. Atchison

Loving Insights