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Loving Insights on Palo Santo

My name is palo santo, and I am the tree that brings good fortune to all who use me. My purpose is to open your consciousness to the stream of Divine goodness that is always flowing around and through you. Your senses currently do not perceive so much lighter, finer vibration, however, my pure essence allows your system to coordinate, as it were, with these finer energies, and thus this becomes the link that connects you with the other world. In this special place, you can make a wish, place an order, as it were, and I will deliver the goods.

Sounds practical more than spiritual? You see, I am both Heaven and Earth. My leaves stretch up to the heavens and bring the high oxygen down, while my roots grow into the ground and bring the nutrients and water up. The joyous meeting is in the middle, the balance and exchange of the goods – a sort of natural international trade. This is a template or pattern for your own exchange of desire and realities.

Inhale my aroma, you will find that it lifts your spirits, and calms your nerves. More than that, it brings you to a still-point, the Bindu that exists in the center of the Universe. You have this Bindu with yourself also. Sit and inhale my fragrance and find yourself transported to your own still center. In this place may you may contact and connection with your own divine aspect. Know that you are truly the outpicturing of the divine. Allow this beautiful energy to flow in and through you. Then breathe it out with a blessing for all those around you. Now the magic begins.

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Susan L. Atchison

Loving Insights