Loving ourselves and feeling worthy gives us a sense of freedom – freedom from the mind chatter of judging ourselves (which often leads to judging others), freedom from limiting beliefs about what we can do – freedom to enjoy life.


The refreshing notes and grounding tones in the essential oil blend of Freedom help to infuse you with feelings of freedom from these limiting beliefs, inspiring confidence and emotional freedom.

Key Ingredients:

  • Copaiba (ko-pi-beh) or (ko-pi-ee-beh) has a light and delicate, warm honey or woodsy scent which can feel calming and grounding when inhaled.
  • Sacred Frankincense essential oil is believed to be obtained from the resin variety brought to the Christ Child on his birth. It has a grounding, woodsy aroma that enhances meditation and spiritual practices when used aromatically.
  • Idaho Blue spruce is ran exclusive oil that is distilled at Young Living’s St. Maries farm. This remarkable essential oil contains high percentages of alpha-pinene and limonene and has a pleasant and relaxing evergreen aroma.
  • Vetiver root oil † has an earthy, exotic aroma that helps to instill feelings of both grounding and uplifting
  • Lavender oil is calming, relaxing and balancing, both physically and emotionally.
  • Peppermint oil has a strong, clean, minty aroma, which is refreshing in breathe in and is also enjoyed by many for its cooling sensations on the skin.
  • Palo Santo has an inspiring licorice-like fragrance. Palo Santo wood has been used for centuries by indigenous South American tribes for spiritual cleansing and renewing.
  • Valerian essential oil has an earthy aroma that promotes feelings of relaxation and eases occasional restlessness that can keep you from unwinding in the evening.
  • Rue essential oil has exceptionally calming properties 
  • Carrier oil

100% pure, Seed to Seal® certified

Freedom Essential Oil Uses:


  • Apply a drop to the back of your neck and rub up over your occiput (the curved bottom of your skull).
  • Put a drop in your hands, rub them together, cup them over your nose and inhale while envisioning living life free to love yourself and others.
  • Place a drop on your heart and rub in while imagining your heart space expanding and radiating