Reach for Divine Release™ blend whenever you’re having trouble letting go.

Whether it’s a person or past event holding you back, find the inspiration to move forward with this aromatic ally at your side.

Combining the grounding scents of Frankincense and Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood™ oils with the bright, uplifting notes of Bergamot and Grapefruit oils, Divine Release™ blend has a powerful, freeing scent like no other.


Key Ingredients:

  • Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood™ is grounding and stabilizing; it enhances deep sleep and its high level of sesquiterpenes that stimulate the pineal gland and limbic region of the brain – which are the center of emotions – may help to release negative programming from the cells
  • Roman Chamomile is soothing and relaxing, may calm restlessness and tension
    while opening blocks in thoughts
  • Frankincense has an earthy, uplifting aroma that’s perfect for grounding and spiritual connectedness
  • Melissa leaf oil for its soft, soothing and uplifting qualities; historically, this oil was used for the heart or emotions
  • Geranium flower oil creates a pleasant environment and encourages peaceful, spiritual feelings with its calming, rose-like aroma
  • Grapefruit peel essential oil has a fresh, uplifting aroma and has cleansing properties. When taken internally, it supports healthy weight management, as well as the lymphatic and circulatory systems
  • Blue Cypress essential oil fortifies confidence as it promotes the appearance of healthy-looking skin and hair, was used traditionally to moisturize dry skin and also has a great aroma for enjoying outdoor activities
  • Hinoki essential oil has been used historically for refreshing the soul and is used to create a calm ambiance that can help increase intuitive awareness.
  • Helichrysum is uplifting to the subconscious and may energetically bring new circulation and regeneration to our thoughts and emotions
  • Bergamot peel oil has an aroma that is light and citrusy yet tart and sweet; this uplifting oil can help you to get going in the morning or to relax in the evening
  • Rose flower oil has an exceptionally high vibrational frequency, which helps it to create a sense of balance, harmony and well-being while elevating the mind. It creates a magnetic energy that can attract harmonious and loving people and bring joy
  • Ledum essential oil is regarded as spiritually cleansing and harmonizing and has a balancing aroma.
  • Angelica was known as the ‘holy spirit root’ or the ‘oil of angels’ by the early Europeans, as it was thought to be of divine origin.

100% pure, Seed to Seal® certified


  • Has a gentle, calming aroma

  • Featured in the Freedom Release

    • Has a gentle, calming aroma

    • Featured in the Freedom Release™ Collection

    • Pairs well with Valor®, Joy™, Harmony™, and Freedom™ essential oil blends


  • Pairs well with Valor®, Joy™, Harmony™, and Freedom™ essential oil blends


  • Diffuse Divine Release essential oil blend for a harmonizing scent during family gatherings.

  • Apply it topically to your wrists, neck, or crown during moments of quiet reflection.

  • Breathe in the warm, liberating aroma while you let go of the past and look ahead to the future.