Essential oils have very small molecules, which, when inhaled, travel directly from the olfactory bulb to the amygdala (a cluster of neurons in your brain), which is intimately involved in feeling emotions, especially fear (anxiety, stress and tension) and anger (frustration and irritation).

Once there, they begin to harmonize and balance your emotions, thus making it easier to meditate.

Essential oils also affect the pineal gland, which is the seat of the 3rd Eye.

The well-known spiritual healer, Edgar Cayce, said that “There is no greater influence in a physical body than the effect of odors upon the olfactory nerves of the body.” He went on to say that scent can be used to raise the vibrations of the body, so that the kundalini energies can begin to flow through the chakras, and we can then reach a higher state of attunement.

Using a drop or two of your favorite essential oils before meditation becomes part of the ritual which sets the stage for expanding your inner experience.

When you are meditating, you want your mind to be clear.

Clarity™ blends Basil, Rosemary, Peppermint, and other essential oils for an aroma that invites a sense of clarity and alertness.

With lingering citrus scents, grounding accents of Juniper and Blue Cypress, and floral notes of Ylang Ylang and Jasmine, the complex aroma of Dream Catcher is ready to support you in your daily meditation.

  • Put a drop on your palms, rub them together, cup them over your nose and inhale deeply before meditation  to promote feelings of inner strength.
  • Diffuse to create an environment of spiritual and emotional grounding.

Harmony™ is a blend of pure essential oils that contains scents to provide an uplifting aromatic experience.

Harmony is known for balancing all of your chakras. Put a drop or two on your palms, rub them together, and, holding them about 2 inches from your body with your palms facing your body, smooth your energy as if you were lightly brushing down your body.

Sacred Mountain™ is a blend of Ylang Ylang and conifer oils that evokes the sense of sanctity found in nature and promotes feelings of strength, empowerment, grounding, and protection when diffused.

Conifer trees often were used by Native Americans in their spiritual rituals. While securely anchored in the earth, they soar high into the sky, thus giving us their ability to connect ‘Above with Below.’

Surrender™ is a blend of essential oils that provides aromas to helps you to loosen the grip of everyday ego (one spiritual teacher said, “Ego is just an over-stimulated nervous system”). When we feel calm and safe, we no longer need to defend ourselves; it’s easier to let go and allow.

Blended from the pure therapeutic-grade essential oils of Lavender, Lemon peel, Black spruce leaf, Roman chamomile flower, Angelica root, Mountain savory, and Matricaria flowers is ideal for meditation.

Which oil blend calls to you?

Angelica has soothing aromatic qualities that help create a relaxing environment.

It has been referred to as the “oil of angels,” in part because of its calming aroma.

The complex, earthy yet uplifting aroma of Frankincense (Boswellia carterii) has been sought after since ancient times for its ability to help us feel both grounded and spiritually connected.

Enhance your experience by diffuse or inhaling this empowering oil before prayer or meditation.

Frankincense is an important ingredient in Awaken™, Brain Power™, Forgiveness™, and Highest Potential™.

Palo Santo has an inspiring fragrance and can be diffused for a cleansing and refreshing atmosphere.

Palo santo wood has been used for centuries by indigenous South American tribes for spiritual cleansing and renewing.

Sacred Frankincense™ essential oil comes from the distillation of the resin of the Boswellia sacra frankincense tree.

This oil is ideal for those who wish to take their spiritual journey and meditation experiences to a higher level.

Sacred Sandalwood™ essential oil provides an uplifting, warm, woodsy, and sweet aroma – the perfect complement to yoga, and meditation.

To ensure the purest, most authentic oil possible, Young Living’s Sacred Sandalwood essential oil comes from the highly sought-after Santalum album tree species transplanted from its native home in India to our partner farm in Australia, which has a similar landscape and climate.

Deepen your meditation and spiritual practice with a sacred scent